It’s Happening

It’s a Thanksgiving miracle. And if you know me at all, you know that I’m one of the biggest FRIENDS fans ever and so Thanksgiving is a very big deal.

Today we got word that our building permits are ready to issue! HOOORRRAAAYYY! We full on did a family happy dance when we got the news. And just to be clear, Jackson has moves, oh yah!!

I equate waiting the last 12 weeks for these permits to the first trimester of pregnancy. You don’t believe it is real, you think it’s never gonna happen, and of course, the constant nausea. 😊

The permitting process has been one of the single most frustrating processes ever. But here we are on the other side, and it feels glorious. Glorious!

While we have been waiting, here’s what we have been up to…

  • Had the asbestos abated in the existing mobile home so that it could be demolished.
  • Applied for a demolition permit (that one only took about 5 weeks).
  • Started demo. And I’ll tell you, that was a sweet thing to watch.
  • Had our property put on evacuation notice for the wildfires, demo stalled. Praise the Lord, our property was spared.
  • Restarted and finished demo.
  • Logged about 2 loads of trees (no we did not do this ourselves).  
  • Had a trampoline casualty (see previous item). Yup, it’s toast. On a positive note, the kids have creatively names the flattened trampoline the jungle gym.
  • Turned the entire first acre into a giant pit of mud (again, see above).
  • Had tree trunks removed where the house will be.
  • Began burning the mountains of debris from logging. And I’m not exaggerating about the mountains, there are three. And we are not even close to done.
  • Learned to drive (or do you say operate?) an excavator.
  • Closed on our loan. Yay, we actually own the property we have been making this colossal mess of.
  • Started renovation work on the next place we will be living while we wait for our house to be built.

We’ve still got miles to go, but today is a day we celebrate with grinning emojis, happy dances, and a whole lot of gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving!