About Heather

Hi, my name is Heather.

I like to rock a lot of polka dots, like a lot. And leopard. I love Diet Pepsi and mascara.

Confession: I am not a writer, but I do love to create things. This blog is a record of what I am creating. You will see things from baby blankets to knitting projects, from home decor to gifts, and from period costumes to clothing design. At any given time, I have about six projects going and I’m excited to share them with you and maybe inspire you in a project or two of your own.

More than anything else, I love Jesus and my family. I have a wonderful husband who is thoughtful, supportive, and pretty darn handsome. And I have four precious kiddos who have stolen my heart.

(Photo by Jay Eads)

Thanks for joining me, let’s start a creative journey together!



4 thoughts on “About Heather

  1. I’ve been ‘redecorating’ our bedroom since April — It has been a messy work in progress since then…I think your eye could give me the help I need — with a limited budget. Have fun with your new blog and projects! (I think I need to be one of your projects). Love you sweety, Aunt Pam


    1. Good question! I removed the roller and laid it flat. Then, I dry brushed it, careful not to paint the part that runs through the track. You’ll want to do several very thin coats so it can still “roll.” Good luck!


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