Easy Guide: How to Clean Painted Furniture

Do you want to clean your Painted Furniture? Some tools and materials are required if you want to shine dirty furniture

Below is a list of items needed to clean furniture:

Cleaning equipment required:

  • Duster or soft-bristled brush
  • Microfiber cloth or soft rag
  • brush attachment with Vacuum cleaner
  • Soft bristled scrub brush

Recommended cleaning materials

  • Mild dish soap or detergent
  • White vinegar
  • Water-based wood cleaners
  • Furniture polish or wax
  • Spot removal or spot treatment solutions

With these tools at hand, you will find cleaning furniture much easier and get better results.

Step-by-step guide to cleaning painted furniture:

Now that you have the tools you need, let’s start cleaning painted furniture. But we will do the work step by step

How To Clean Painted Furniture

1. Dusting and wiping down surfaces

Remove loose dust from furniture with a soft-bristled brush or microfiber cloth. Work in gentle, circular motions to avoid scratching the furniture paint. After removing the dust, soak a clean cloth in water and wipe away the remaining dirt.

2. Spot treatment of scars and marks.

Look carefully for any stubborn stains or marks on the furniture. Prepare a mild cleaning solution using a mixture of water and mild dish soap or detergent. Soak a soft cloth in the solution. Carefully wipe the stained area gently, so as not to rub vigorously, as this can damage the paint.

3. Deep Cleaning Techniques

For extra dirt or stubborn stains, use a more thorough cleaning method. Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and mist the affected area lightly. Let sit for a while before wiping off with a clean, damp cloth. But you can repeat this process if necessary until the stain is completely removed.

Tips to remove stubborn spots and blemishes

Despite best efforts, some scars can be more permanent. Here are some more tips for dealing with common stubborn blemishes.

Detection of different types of stains

Before removing a stain from your furniture, it is essential to identify its origin and origin. Some of the common stains on painted furniture are mentioned below.

  • Water stains
  • Grease or oil stains
  • Ink or marker stains
  • Food or beverage stains

Rules for removing marked spots:

Depending on the nature of the stain, you may need to employ specific cleaning techniques:

  • For water stains, try using a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water, followed by a gentle buffing with furniture polish.
  • Grease or oil stains can often be lifted using a mild dish soap or detergent mixed with warm water.
  • Ink or marker stains may require rubbing alcohol or a specialized ink remover for complete removal.
  • Food or beverage stains can usually be treated with a mild cleaning solution and gentle scrubbing.

How to maintain painted furniture:

After removing stains from your furniture, regular maintenance is essential to keep it looking its best.

Cleaning Techniques for Matte Finish:

  • Avoid abrasive cleaners or scrubbing pads, as these can dull the finish and leave behind unsightly marks.
  • Instead, stick to mild cleaning solutions and soft cloths to maintain the matte appearance.

Tips for Glossy Painted Surfaces

  • Glossy painted surfaces have a smooth, reflective finish that requires extra care to preserve.
  • Use a soft microfiber cloth or chamois to gently buff the surface and remove any smudges or fingerprints.
  • Avoid using wax or polish on glossy finishes, as they create a sticky residue, which dulls the gloss.


Can I use bleach to clean painted furniture?

No, using bleach or other harsh chemicals on painted furniture reduces its shine, and they damage the paint finish and cause discoloration.

How often should I clean my painted furniture?

Ideally, you can dust the painted furniture once a week and do a deep cleaning every few months or as needed.

Can I use steam cleaners on painted furniture?

Steam cleaners are not recommended for painted furniture, as high heat and humidity warps the wood which can damage the paint.

What should I do if I accidentally scratch the paint on my furniture?

Minor scratches can be fixed by yourself, using a matching paint pen or touch-up kit. A professional furniture restorer should be consulted for extensive scratches.

Is it safe to use vinegar to clean painted furniture?

Yes, vinegar is a safe method and effective natural cleaner for painted surfaces. However, to ensure compatibility with your paint finish, dilute with water and test in an inconspicuous area first.

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