Elevate Your Space: How to Decorate Your Bathroom Counter

Welcome to my guide on how to decorate and upgrade your bathroom counter. Did you know the average person spends over 15 days per year in their bathroom?

With so much time in this space, it’s worth transforming your bathroom counter into a chic and organized oasis.

In this article, I will share various tips and ideas on decorating your bathroom counter, from adding flowers and plants to utilizing baskets and canisters for decor and storage.

Add Flowers or Plants for a Natural Accent

Addring flowers or greens to your bathroom’s counter will imbue your space with a natural flavor. Select low-maintenance plants like succulents or air plants that adapt to wet environments like bathrooms. Ensure proper drainage and occasional sunlight that will keep your plants strong and healthy. 

Utilize Baskets, Jars, and Canisters for Decor and Storage

bathroom counter storage

Baskets, jars and canisters are versatile decor items that add both style and function to a bathroom counter. Use decorative baskets to hold towels rolled up for drying or organize toiletries and cosmetics while decorative jars and canisters can store cotton balls, Q-tips or bath salts while giving off an air of elegance on your countertop.

Comparison of Baskets, Jars, and Canisters

As is true when making any choice for bathroom decor, when selecting baskets, jars or canisters it is vitally important that these storage solutions be both visually appealing and useful in terms of their purpose in creating attractive storage solutions for bathrooms. Baskets add warmth to a space but may not offer enough moisture protection compared with canisters and jars; the latter are sleek while modern options that keep items contained neatly while perishable items like bath salts canisters provide airtight storage solutions for perishable items like bath bombs. 

Elevating Your Towel Display

Displaying towels on your bathroom counter can create an intimate spa-like environment while making linens accessible. Instead of simply folding, consider rolling your towels for a sleek and polished aesthetic; not only can this save space and be more visually appealing but it makes retrieving one when necessary even easier! 

The Benefits of Rolled Towels

Rolled towels not only add a decorative touch to your bathroom counter but also offer practical benefits. Rolled towels dry more quickly than folded towels, reducing the risk of mildew and odors. Additionally, rolled towels take up less space, allowing you to maximize storage and counter space in your bathroom. 


With these simple yet effective tips, your bathroom counter can become both beautiful and practical space that reflects your personal aesthetic and enhances daily routine. There is a multitude of design choices that could elevate its decor; whether that is minimal aesthetics or rustic charm – any option could add style and function. 


How often should I water the plants on my bathroom counter?

As important as it is to monitor moisture levels of bathroom plants and water them accordingly, humid environments like bathrooms may necessitate less frequent irrigation compared with plants in other rooms of your home.

Can I use any basket, jar, or canister as decor in my bathroom?

Though you have several baskets, jars, and canisters at your disposal for bathroom decor purposes, it’s essential that you consider their materials and durability before selecting any specific option. Make sure your selections are moisture resistant as this will extend their longevity in your environment.

Are certain towels more suitable than others for rolling?

Thin, lightweight towels make excellent rolling material; their thin thickness creates a uniform look on any bathroom countertop. However, thicker towels can also be rolled for a luxurious and plush appearance.

Do I use artificial or real plants in my bathroom decor?

Artificial or real plants may both make great additions to bathroom decor, depending on your preferences and upkeep abilities. Artificial plants require little upkeep while real ones offer air purifying benefits as well as natural beauty.

How can I prevent mold and mildew growth on towels displayed on my bathroom counter?

For optimal mold and mildew control in the bathroom, ensure your counter has adequate ventilation, towels are left to air-dry between uses and regularly using hot water with vinegar for washing in order to kill bacteria and eliminate lingering odors.

I’m Willie, the passionate mind behind this blog, and I’m thrilled to share my love for crafting beautiful and functional spaces with you. I started this journey with a simple belief – that everyone deserves a home that reflects their personality, style, and, most importantly, creativity.

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